[Curtain call] Without Xiumin and D.O…EXO’s Perfect ‘ EXplOration ‘

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There were only six members on the stage except for xiumin and D.O. But like the slogan “We Are One,” EXO was also EXO. 

EXO’s fifth solo concert “EXO PLANET #5 – EXplORation -” was held at the KSPO DOME in Bangi-dong, Seoul, 21th afternoon.

The solo EXO concert featured only six members — Kai, Suho, Chen, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Sehun — as members Xiumin and Dio are serving in the military.
Although their parts and movements have changed, they completed the stage without any difficulty.

Preheated with “Tempo,” the performance led to explosive performances from “Transformer,” “Gravity” to “Sign.” Baekhyun’s solo song “U & Village” created a calm and wistful atmosphere, but soon they performed a sticky and intense stage by performing “24/7,” “Love Shot” and “닿을 듯 말듯”.

“You’ve been waiting for a long time,” said EXO, who was on stage after a colorful performance. “It’s a start. We’ll show you a performance that will be kept as a good memory,” they said. And for about yellow dress code the fans had prepared, they said “You guys are like chicks”, “You guys are like dandelion flowers”

As for the performance’s name ” EXplOration,” Suho said, “Exo is drawn to another planet by silver light while racing. “We’re still exploring other planets, and we’re also working with EXO-L,” he said. “Please keep cheering for us for the rest of the time” he added.

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Following the intense performances of “Monster” and “Oasis,” Suho’s solo track “지나갈테니” and Chen’s solo track “Lights Out” were performed. Suho filled the big stage with his charisma. By using the silk blouses, he took off his blouses showing his abdominal muscles and the concert hall was heated up. Standing alone on stage in the middle of the concert hall, Chen completed the listening stage with impressive vocals as a top balladeer.

Sehun & Chanyeol’s unit stage, which is set to officially launch on 22th, also drew attention. Among the triple titles of their first mini-album, they pre-released the stage for “What a Life” and “부르면 돼,” showing off their freshness and Uniqueness.

After “Falling for You” and “Wait” and “Confession”, Kai’s solo stage, they had a natural conversation with fans. They told a special anecdote. When they recently invited to a luncheon with Korean president, Moon Jae-in and the United States president, Trump, Lee suman, a head of their agency, told them “You guys are jewels, a diamond”

It also reported a surprise comeback. Suho said, “Fans are curious when the EXO album will be released. As a leader, it won’t take long for a while. It will be released within this year,” “We will start making a new album after we’ll finish our concert and world tour. We’ll come back before winter comes” he added, drawing cheers from fans.

“The EXO will be doing personal activities, but we will continue to hold concerts and release albums because we are really happy when we are together,” they said, vowing to work as an active team, even though they were expected to serve in the military gradually.

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After the members’ natural conversations, the passionate stage continued constantly including “Power,” “Bad Dream,” “Damage,” “Growl,” and “Call Me Baby.”

EXO, who completed the stage for about three hours in tight communication with EXO-L (official fandom of EXO), said, “Thanks to you guys, we’ve been able to do so far. We hope you’ll have fun with us in the future. We’ll show you better. We just want to love with our fans for the rest of our lives.”

On 23th May 2014, EXO held its first solo concert in two years since its debut at the same venue. Five years later, EXO, which was admired for its overwhelming performance as a new group, proved itself to be the leader of “performance idol” with a more mature stage. 

Those who have done well from the start and are doing well will probably do well in the future, as they have probably done so far. That’s the power of EXO.

The EXO concert, which began on 19th July, will be held six times in two weeks from 26th to 28th. They will meet 15,000 fans per episode, so a total of 90,000 fans, filling the concert hall. They will start their tour overseas, starting with a performance in Seoul.


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