Lai Kuanun reveals his feeling after the conflict of an exclusive contract. “I’d like to know why”

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se-yeon]

Lai Kuanun from group Wanna One has expressed his feelings of conflict over exclusive contracts with his management agency Cube Entertainment. 

Lai Kuanun wrote on his Instagram on 22th afternoon, “I’d like to know why” It was his first post after conflicts with his agency Cube Entertainment.

Lai Kuanun said “Don’t worry too much, guys. Everything’s going to be fine. It’s been a long night,” hinting that the future contract dispute-related issues will follow.

On 18th, Lai Kuanun notified Cube Entertainment about the cancellation of his exclusive contract. “I decided that I could no longer trust the company because of the various acts they did in violation of its exclusive contract,” Lai Kuanun said.

Meanwhile, Cube Entertainment countered that there was no reason for the cancellation of the exclusive contract between the company and Lai Kuanun

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