Mamamoo, surprise announcement of special single ‘Gleam’

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se-yeon]

MAMAMOO, the group, will announce its special single “Gleam.” 

Mamamoo is going to release the music and music video of its special single “Gleam” on various music sites at 6 p.m. on 24th.

“Gleam” is an attractive synth-pop genre and the minimal track that is produced with a colorful musical instrument is impressive. It focuses on the vision of the five senses and captures the attention when people fall in love.
MAMAMOO’s singing ability is added to the story that the world I see is becoming light-colored and doubles the charm of the song.

Cosmic Sound, which has worked with Mamamoo’s “My Star,” “Midnight Summer Dream” and “기대해도 좋은 날,” and etc. is expected to create a pleasant synergy.

The music video, which will be released along with the music source, will highlight the colorful images of each member of Mamamoo, and It is expected to express new charm by emphasizing a unique prop like a jukebox.

Mamamoo, which started its four-season four-color project in March 2018, has strengthened the group’s brand value through four mini albums and solo songs that utilize each member’s iconic colors and seasons.

The special single is expected to be a special gift for fans, especially as the Daegu concert of “4 Season F/W” is set to hit the jackpot of the upcoming “Four Season Four color Project” from 27th and 28th July

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