[Curtain call] “We’re ready to fly.” Bae Jin-young, Wanna One→the center of CIX.

Group CIX, Picture Kang Yeongguk reporter

[Maeil Business Newspaper Lee dagyeom]

Bae Jin-young, a former member of the group Wanna One, is ready to fly back as CIX. 

CIX (BX, Seung-hoon, Bae Jin-young, Yong-hee, and Hyun-suk) held a showcase to mark the release of its first EP album “Hello” chapter 1. Hi, stranger and performed their new song at SK Handball Stadium in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, at 2 p.m. on 24th.

BX said “I still don’t feel it yet. It’s also strange how we look in our music video.” Hyun-suk then said, “I think I didn’t sleep much yesterday at the thought of showing good performance,” while Seung-hoon expressed excitement, “It’s not yesterday, but I dreamed of winning the Rookie of the Year award.”

CIX’s debut song “Movie Star” is an impact song with addictive refrain and the sound of a projector film at the beginning. The world’s top dance crew, JustJerk, has participated in the choreography in earnest and will show unique and powerful performances by CIX alone.

BX said “It’s a unique color that we can show you. We think the choreography on Hook is addictive and has a big impact,” he explained. On the point of watching “Moviestar,” Seung-hoon then said, “Please watch the unique melody and the performance that goes on without a break.”

Group CIX (BAE JIN YOUNG), Picture Kang Yeongguk reporter

CIX is short for ‘Complete In X’ which means the completion of the unknown. This means that the five unknown members will be completed only when they all get together. In particular, the CIX drew keen attention even before its debut, as Bae Jin-young, who completed his official career as Wanna One, was unveiled as the first member on 31st Dec last year.

Asked if he felt any pressure from his re-debut to CIX, Bae said, “There was anyway a burden. As the burden was heavy, I wanted to be greedy and do well. Based on his experience as Wanna One, I thought It would be good to be a group that depended on each other as much as Wanna one.

Before our debut, Wanna One members cheered for us, too. Bae said, “The other day, NU’EST Hwang Minhyun said” Congratulations! It will work out well because you do your best!” I think that’s why I was able to relieve the pressure of my re-debut. Also, I met Lee Dae-hwi at a festival recently, and he told me that our stage was cool, so I think I’ve gained confidence,” he smiled.

We could be heard about the timing of their debut with Kang Daniel, who was a Wanna one member. Bae said. “I’m contacting our Wanna one members in the Wanna One group chat,” “I think Kang Daniel must have prepared as hard as I am. I hope to meet Kang Daniel again on stage and emit right in each other. I hope he will produce good results,” he said with the support.

Interest in CIX was explosive even before its debut. The debut showcase, held today’s afternoon was sold out when they release the ticket box. In response, Yong-hee said, “It was a dream seat that I had been longing for, too, as all the members would be. I want to finish successfully with the members, and now it’s the beginning, I want to show you a better way forward.”

Meanwhile, CIX will be active as a “Movie Star.”


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