[MK Issue] Kang Daniel, making his solo debut today (25th May)

[Lee Dagyeom Maeil Business Newspaper]

Kang Daniel who was a center of Wanna one will return as a solo artist. 

Kang will release his solo debut album “Color on me” at 6 p.m. today (25th July) and begin his solo career. The title of the album, “Color on me,” is decided with the ambition of making Kang Daniel’s original color.

In the ‘Color on me’, there are a total of five tracks including the title track, “뭐해(What are you going),” “INTRO,” “Color,” “Horizon” and “I HOPE.”
In particular, Kang Daniel participated in the lyrics of four songs except for the intro, raising interest in the musical colors he will show.

According to the agency, the title track “뭐해(What are you doing)” is a simple but impressive Bell-based theme. The 808 sound and dreamy synth sound is expected to make the trend and with the popular chorus, It is expected to maximize Kang’s trendy image.

In particular, this album is Kang Daniel’s first released album since the disbandment of Wanna One and will be released during the dispute with his agency LM Entertainment about the exclusive contract. Kang Daniels filed an application with LM Entertainment in March for the injection of the suspension of an exclusive contract and is currently working independently after being cited by the court.

Kang Daniel demanded the termination of the exclusive contract based on the fact that LM Entertainment had no explicit consent in the process of signing a joint project with MMO Entertainment.
The court has decided to quote an injunction, but the dispute is not over yet, with LM Entertainment appealing to the higher court.

Kang Daniels is expected to express his feelings through a media showcase ahead of the album’s release. Also, he will meet with his fans who have waited for him for a long time through a fan showcase at 8 p.m. Attention is growing on Kang Daniel’s return to solo from Wanna One Center.


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