Shin Yu-mi, “Suspicions of fabrication of ‘ProduceX101’? I don’t want the children’s efforts buried”

[Maeil Business Newspaper Lee Dagyeom]

Singer Shin Yu-mi has expressed her thoughts on the alleged manipulation of the number of votes for “Produce X101.” 

On 24th 5 pm, Shin held a showcase to mark the release of her new EP album “So Addicted to You” and performed her new song at Hyundai Card Understage located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

On the same day, Shin Yu-mi said about releasing of her new album as a singer after she will be known as a “Produce 101” vocal trainer, “It’s very difficult and nervous for me to be a singer. It feels like I’m going to confess to someone I like. Singer Shin Yu-mi expressed her excitement.

Produce X101, which recently ended, has been embroiled in a controversy over its alleged manipulation of the number of votes. Asked how she felt about the allegations as a vocal trainer for the “Produce” series, Shin said, “It hurts me to hear such stories. Whether it’s friends who made their debut or who didn’t make it, I was worried because it could hurt them.
The children were crying and working hard I don’t want that effort to be buried with noise,” she said.

Meanwhile, Shin Yu-mi’s upcoming title track “The Night Without You” is a song about her sorrow and longing for a past love. Based on the electronic, it elaborates on the keys of various tones, 808 drums, and strings to deliver unique emotions that cannot be heard in the traditional electro-pop genre. It was released at 6 p.m. on the same day. 

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