A ‘Water Queen’ in the middle of the summer night, Sunmi

Singer Sunmi was crowned as a “Water Queen” by giving a great performance that blew the heat of the summer night at the ‘Poseidon Festival’

A lot of hip-pop artists have participated in the first “Poseidon Water Music Festival” held at Main Stadium of Busan on 27th including global K-pop queen Sunmi and the best EDM DJs. On the same day, Sunmi appeared in high-light times when the festive mood was ripe, showing off the aspect of the K-pop queen.

When Sunmi appeared, the audience greeted her with bursts of applause and water guns.
Sunmi opened the stage with the song of ‘Siren’ wearing an outfit that featured butterfly patterns. Sunmi flew freely across the stage like a butterfly and produced a tightly packed performance.

Sunmi then added to the heat of a summer night with her hit songs such as “24시간이 모자라” and “보름달,” and the night sky in Busan was soaked in water and music. Although it rained during the concert, Sunmi’s performances and songs were unshakable, and the audience showed an even more enthusiastic response and group singing, making a festival place where everyone is united in the music.

While squeezing her wet hair out, Sunmi went around to communicate with her fans more closely and enjoyed water guns. In addition, even though she was soaking wet including her shoes, Sunmi gave a perfect performance of the “주인공” and “가시나” stages until the last minute, drawing heated applause and cheers.


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