[Curtain Call] “I wanna be a singer who gives hope to people” Kang Daniel’s Solo….not Wanna one

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Kang Daniel, who was greatly loved for the center of the group Wanna One, has returned as a solo artist. Kang Daniel, who will start his second act of singer’s life with his debut song “뭐해(What are you doing),” said “he wants to be a person who gives hope” through a showcase.

Kang Daniels held a showcase to mark the release of his solo debut album “Color on me” and performed a new song at Yes 24 live hall located in at Gwangjang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul at 4 pm in 25th. Since the showcase was Kang’s first appearance on stage since the end of Wanna One’s career, there were a lot of reporters.

Kang said hi on stage wearing a blue suit. “Hello, I’m Kang Daniel,” “I’ll release my first solo debut album, ‘color on me’. Thank you for your interest. I prepared this album without enough time. I thought how about to release a full-length album but, I decided to release the album because I wanted to be on stage as soon as possible for fans who are waiting for me”

Kang Daniel, who is now a solo artist, not a Wanna One, said, “The stage is too big for me to fill alone. That reminds me of the empty seats of the members, and I think Wanna One was a cool and perfect team. The advantage is that I can show my voice, style, and performance for many people. I’ll be a Kang Daniel, who will continue to fill the stage,” he said, expressing his feelings on stage as a solo artist.

Kang Daniel’s solo debut song “뭐해(What are you doing)” is a simple but impressive Bell-based theme. The 808 sound and dreamy synth sound is expected to make the trend and with the popular chorus, it is expected to maximize Kang’s trendy image.

Kang Daniel introduced his song “Because of the name of the song,’뭐해(what are you doing)’, a lot of people are interested. In a way, the title seems to be both aggressive and mild. It may feel like pop hip-hop, but it brightened the mood with the line of a pop-hop melody line and prepared songs that the public would like with point choreography that is easy to follow,” he said.

When asked why he came out with his debut song that emphasized vocals rather than rap, Kang Daniel said, “My goal was to show you what fans have never seen before,” and added, “I thought I’d rap a whole song, but I decided to try to improve my perfection. Composers helped me a lot in the vocal part, and I myself practiced day and night,” he recalled

In the album, ‘color on me’ there are a total of five tracks including the title track “뭐해(what are you doing),” “INTRO,” “Color,” “Horizon” and “I HOPE.” In particular, the latest album broke the all-time high of 450,000 preorder volumes with a single male solo album, reminding Kang Daniel’s hot popularity.

In response to that, Kang Daniels said about getting a huge respond even before his debut, “It was an unthinkable amount.” “Since I had spent time without any notice for nearly six months, many fans have told me that they’ve been waiting for me. I think I have touched that kind of heart rather than the number of albums. I thought I’d be a better singer in the future” he said.

Kang also actively participated in the process of producing the album, with a desire to find and make his own color. He participated in the lyrics of four songs, excluding introductions, revealing his color as Kang Daniel, a solo singer, not as Wanna One center.

He said, “I’ve thought it’s hard to write a song. Now I think writing a lyric is writing a poem on a drawing board. I got a lot of inspiration from the movie, and I thought about it when I saw comments from fans or comments from Wanna One Cafe. In particular, he wrote a track called “I HOPE,” which is a song that he wrote after listening to his fans’ stories. He told his fans that you had a hard time waiting, so don’t worry about it anymore.

We could hear how he felt about the dispute of contract with LM Entertainment. Kang Daniels applied an injection of the suspension of exclusive contracts in March and is currently working independently after being cited by the court. However, the dispute is not over yet, as LM Entertainment appealed to the higher court.

Asked whether he was aware of the “transfer of third-party rights” that emerged as an issue of the contract dispute, Kang Daniel said, “I was not aware of it at all.” “I think I’ve given enough answers through my lawyer about what’s involved in this,” he said. “The reason why I decided my activity is that I heard that it is possible to make independent judgments about my activities the court’s judgment “

After the activity of the Wanna One, the other members began their activities as solo or as a group at their respective agencies. However, Kang Daniel, whose debut was delayed due to contract disputes, will be in front of fans for the first time as solo singer Kang Daniel through a fan showcase held at 8 p.m. today.

He said “I didn’t expect a lot of people to pay attention to me this way,” he said. The expectations and interest you sent me sometimes can be burdensome, but I will be a singer, Kang Daniel, who can show good music and appearance by changing the burdensome to romance.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel’s first solo album “Color on me” will be released at 6 p.m.


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