TWICE’s first U.S. tour has successively finished with 41,000 fans since their debut

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Group TWICE has shown the status of “K-pop girl group who represents Korea by mobilizing some 41,000 fans on its first American tour.

TWICE proceeded American tour starting with the performance of “The Forum” in LA on 17th(local time), Mexico city on 19th, Newark on 21th and Chicago on 23th as the part of their world tour ‘TWICE WORLD TOUR 2019 “TWICELIGHTS”

TWICE showed off “Ticket Power,” by mobilizing more than 41,000 viewers for a total of four performances — 12,000 in Los Angeles, 10,000 in Mexico City, 11,000 in Newark and 8,000 in Chicago. 

Outside the concert hall, there was a long line to purchase TWICE’s goodies. Whenever TWICE’s hit songs are filled around the concert hall, the fans responded with “group singing”

Also, for Mina, who is absent from the tour due to health reasons, there was an event in which the audience changes their “candy stick(cheering stick)” to a “mint” color, which is unique to Mina.

The members communicated with the audience in English and shared their minds with fans even though they are tired because of the tour. They also thanked their fans for their enthusiastic support, saying “thank you for getting us on this stage” and “We’ll be back next year.”

Local media such as Hollywood Reporter, Billboard and MTV expressed keen attention on TWICE’s first US tour by reporting related articles after Newark performance.

The Hollywood reporter said “K-pop fans gathered at the Prudential Center in New Jersey to meet Seoul’s superstar TWICE. And Billboard said “While TWICE has sold more than 6 million albums since its debut in 2015, They had focused on Asia Tour. But now TWICE had entered North America through this world tour.” And MTV said “K-pop star TWICE showed a variety of colors, confidence, and self-esteem(as a K-pop star) during its first US tour.  

TWICE, which has completed its first American tour, will continue its 2019 world tour with a performance in Kuala Lumpur on 17th Aug, Hokkaido on 23th Oct.

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