SEVENTEEN’s personal official photos were released… A variety of thirteen personalities

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se-yeon]

The personal photo of all the members of the group SEVENTEEN has opened.

The agency Pledis Entertainment unveiled its second individual public photo featuring various charms of members Won woo, Jun, S. COUPS, Do kyum, Jeong han, Hoshi and Vernon through SEVENTEEN’s official SNS at midnight on 28th.

In the picture, Won woo doubled his maturity by wearing a bright, sky-blue shirt and gazing at the camera with a gloomy look, while Jun caught people’s eye by digesting the blue sleeveless shirt with his own individual style.

The leader S. COUPS gave a soft atmosphere with a V-neck sweater, added an antiwar charm with sexy eyes, Do kyum gave off a colorful look with a cool look by matching jeans with a white T-shirt, and Jeong han looked at the camera with a dreamy look on the floor, shaking the hearts of viewers.

In addition, Hoshi overwhelmed people’s eyes with his signature sharp eyes by matching a sky-blue stripe shirt with short pants, while Vernon gazed at the camera with emotional looks by adding a chic atmosphere with blue shirt raising expectations for the new concept.

Seventeen, which accelerated its comeback by unveiling 13 personal photo albums, is receiving explosive reactions as it showed a different vibe from the existing Seventeen through the release of the prologue video and motion posters.

Seventeen will release its digital single at 6 p.m. on 5th Aug. Later, they will host SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR “ODE TO YOU” IN SEOUL for a total of three days from 30th the first Sept. at KSPO DOME.

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