A chief of the National Police Agency said “We are collecting intelligence on Big Bang Dae Seong’s building…Reviewing the suspicions [official]”

[Maeil Business Newspaper, Internship reporter Cha Yoon-joo]

Min Kap-ryong who is a chief of the national police agency said that he is reviewing suspicions related to a building owned by Big Bang Dae Seong (real name Dae Seong Kang, 30 years old)

“We have collected intelligence on buildings owned by Big Bang Dae Seong and we are reviewing them due to various suspicions,” Min Kap-ryong said at a press conference held at the National Police Agency in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul on 29th. “We are checking whether the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency raises objective suspicions.”

Earlier reports said a secret entertainment restaurant operated at a building in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, owned by Big Bang’s Dae seong, and that it was suspected of prostitution. 

Dae seong, who is serving in the military, said through his agency, YG Entertainment on the 26th. “I purchase that building just before I was conscripted into the army and that building is in my name. I apologize for my inexperience in managing the building as I got recruited right after the purchase” he said, adding that he was not aware of the illegal business patterns of the companies when he purchased the building as tenants were already in the business. We will immediately take legal action against businesses whose illegal activities have been confirmed, and we will also do our best to take responsibility as a building owner,” he said.

The allegations of prostitution have not been revealed, but according to police and the Gangnam-gu Office, four businesses that moved into the Dae seong-owned building got busted because of suspicion of violation of the Food Sanitation Act, and four were sent to the prosecution in May with an opinion of the indictment. One of them was registered as a regular restaurant and was suspended for one month after being caught while operating with a female helper. 

Another media outlet reported that police had obtained intelligence from the building saying ‘they take the drugs from abroad’ early this year. A police official said, “It is true that we obtained the intelligence report and investigated the facts, but we closed it because we failed to find a detailed agreement point.”

Min Kap-ryong who is a chief of the national police agency also mentioned the investigation into doubt of drug purchases by B.I, a former member of the group “iKON”(real name Kim Han-bin,23 years old). iKON B.I withdrew from the iKON after the suspicion of taking the drugs as the contents of conversation of the KaKao Talk is revealed by Han Seo-hee’s public notify on the 21st. Min said “the police are making efforts to confirm the allegations in their own way” “There is difficult to invest secretly after the incident had sent to the prosecution.” “We will ask the prosecution for consultations and find a way to deal with it,” he said.

Min had designated Gangnam Police Station as a special personnel management area, which had been embroiled in controversy over the links between a normal business with illegal business due to the club’s “Burning Sun” scandal. In response, Min said, “We see it as a shock at the scene, but we have no choice but to take extraordinary measures. Not only the police but also the people will understand,” he said.

“We will form a consulting team to transform Gangnam Police Station into a police station that is a symbol of reform,” Min said.


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