BTS X Unicef released Campaign Video for ‘International Friendship Day’

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se-yeon]

Celebrating the UN-designated “International Friendship Day”, BTS, along with UNICEF, surprisingly unveiled a special video to the world on the 30th of July.

This video calls for attention to global youth and children who are exposed to various forms of violence. Whether it’s at home, in school, or society as a whole. The video instead spreads the message that kindness and friendship can be a big help to those who are suffering from said forms of violence.

The video production was conducted as part of the “LOVE MYSELF” campaign, which was started by BTS and its agency Big Hit Entertainment. They have been working with UNICEF since 2017 and UNICEF’s global campaign ‘ENDviolence’ to root out child violence ever since. In particular, the video was made in six languages including Korean for the first time in UNICEF’s history, in addition to the five official U.N. languages – English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese.

The two-and-a-half-minute video depicts friends expressing warm friendship and kindness to teenagers suffering from school violence, including cyberbullying and bullying. The video sends a message to each other to be a mature and warm person who respects each other and treats each other kindly.

After the shooting, BTS members said that the “‘LOVE MYSELF campaign is a campaign that encourages teenagers and children around the world to find love inside and spread it to others, and we hope that global violence will dissipate as soon as possible by sharing love and kindness.”

Lee Ki-chul, secretary-general of the Korean Committee for UNICEF said: “I’m very happy that BTS, which delivers a message of hope to teenagers around the world, has joined UNICEF’s global campaign to eradicate violence.” “I hope that the video produced with BTS will be an opportunity to encourage and comfort children and to share the kindness each other on the occasion of this ‘International Friendship Day’”

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