Geomi, Taeyeon, Heize…… OST of ‘Hotel Deluna’ occupied Music charts

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se-yeon]

OST of the tvN drama, “Hotel Deluna” has emerged as the most powerful music in this summer. 

In the Melon; the nation’s largest music site, Geomi’s “기억해줘요 내 모든 날과 그때를”, Taeyeon’s “그대라는 시(All about you)” and Heize’s “내 맘을 볼 수 있나요” are ranked first to third at 9 am on the 5th.

As of 9 a.m. on the 5th, the real-time charts of Melon, the nation’s largest music site, “Remember me.” From “All My Days and That Time,” Taeyeon’s “Yourself” poem and Hayes’ “Can You See My Heart” are ranked first to third.

All of these songs are from the OST of “Hotel Deluna”. On top of that, Chungha’s “그 끝에 그대,” 10cm’s “내 어깨에 기대어요” and Punch&Monday Kiz’s “Another Day” remain in the top 10 list, showing off their powerful OST power.

As such, the OST of “Hotel Deluna” topped music charts with the release of the music source every week, giving birth to the modifier “An OST restaurant where you can go with the trust”

In particular, OST songs sung by Haize and Geomi, starting with Taeyeon, continue to rank music charts sequentially by competing with each other to look good, and It attracted attention.

The OST of “Hotel Deluna” is creating an OST syndrome on the music chart once again as Song Dong-woon participated as the lead producer, who made a lot of hit songs such as “첫눈처럼 너에게 가겠다”, “Stay With Me”, “Beautiful” and “I miss you” in the drama “태양의 후예(Descendants of the sun)” and “도깨비(Goblin)”

The mood of the drama, which has just returned to its halfway point, is well blended with the emotional OST, attracting viewers’ eyes and ears.

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