Lovelyz’s solo concert, “Alwayz2”, successfully finished……showed their ability+potential

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se-yeon]

Group Lovelyz successfully wrapped up its 2019 summer concert “Alwayz2.” 

Lovelyz’s fifth solo concert, “Alwayz2,” was held for three days from the 2nd to the 4th of August at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul. 

Lovelyz’s concert was a seating-type concert in consideration of the audience exhausted by the hot summer weather. They performed on the stage satisfying both people’s eyes and ears along with the live performance by communicating with their fans from close range through trolley LED screen and a protruding stage.

The Lovelyz filled the concert hall with heat by performing a variety of performances with the lovely and cool charm along with the list of 25 songs in total.

They expressed happiness to the audiences by performing a variety of songs such as ‘그 시절 우리가 사랑했던 우리’, which was released as their 6th mini-title song, ‘아츄(Ah-Choo)’,’지금, 우리’, ‘안녕(Hi), ‘그날의 너’,’졸린 꿈’ ,’라푼젤’, ‘놀이공원’, ‘퐁당’, ‘수채화’, ‘러브 게임(LOVE GAME)’, ‘스윗 러브(SWEET LUV)’, ‘비밀정원’, ‘레인(RAIN) and ‘어제처럼 굿 나잇’ etc.

The highlight of the concert was the unit stage. In particular, they performed different stages in each performance. 

In the first day of the show, Lovelyz reinterpreted “Balad” performance and showed their singing ability by performing the OST “A Whole New World” from the movie “Aladdin,” Kim Dong-ryul’s “감사,” Lee Sun-hee’s “그 중에 그대를 만나” and “선물” from MeloMance. And the second day they showed intense charisma performances wearing black and white suits by performing Shinhwa’s “브랜드 뉴(Brand New)” and Park Jin-young’s “어머님이 누구니”, BTS’s “아이돌(IDOL)” and PSY’s “연예인”. So their fans cheered enthusiastically for their unexpected charm.

In the final day of the concert, it was enough to show Lovelyz’s other charms by performing Lovelyz’s hit songs such as “데스티니”, “캔디 젤리 러브”, “종소리”, which were respectively arranged to the JAZZ, EDM and ROCK versions

At the end of the concert, Lovelyz expressed their gratitude to their fandom, “Lovelinus” who filled the concert hall. The members said, “We had a lot of thoughts and worries during the five concerts. But those worries have disappeared with the Lovelinus.

They impressively finished their “Alwayz2”, which run more than three hours saying “Thank you for being so big to us and we hope you will be with us forever”

Meanwhile, this Lovelyz’s concert is the 2nd concert in 2 years since their summer solo concert “Alwayz” held in 2017. Starting with their first concert after its debut, “겨울 나라의 러블리즈” Lovelyz showed their power to sell out “Alwayz,” “겨울 나라의 러블리즈2” and “겨울 나라의 러블리즈3” and “Alwayz2”.

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