Malicious comments were posted on Lim Seul Ong’s SNS because Lim Seul Ong was a person to liaise between Kang Daniel and TWICE Jihyo…….”Why did you introduce them?”

[Maeil Business Newspaper Internship reporter Cha Yoon-joo] 

When singers Kang Daniel(24) and TWICE Jihyo (23)admitted to dating, Big idol couple was born. And malicious comments were posted on group 2AM Lim Seul Ong’s SNS because Lim Seul Ong was a person to liaise between Kang Daniel and TWICE Jihyo.

The agencies of both Kang Daniel and TWICE Jihyo officially acknowledged their romantic relationship on the 5th, saying “the two are currently in a romantic relationship.”

Earlier in the day, “Dispatch” reported that Kang Daniel and Jihyo had begun dating since early this year. They enjoyed a date at Kang Daniel’s home located in U.N. Village in Hannam-dong, Seoul. According to the reports, Jihyo and Kang Daniel were connected through the introduction of a close idol senior ‘A’ and It became known that Lim Seul Ong was that idol singer.

Also according to another media outlet, Jihyo, and Lim Seul Ong spent time together when they prepared singer at JYP Entertainment. Also, It is known that Lim Seul Ong was a senior who Kang Daniel trust and follow.

After revealing this fact, some fans visited Lim’s SNS and left comments of protest. Some people have made too many bad comments. 

Fans raised the issue with comments such as “Why did you introduce them?” “Who did you introduce?” and “If they lose popularity, do you take responsibility.” There were also vicious comments that went beyond criticism.

On the contrary, the fans who support the relationship with Kang Daniel and Jihyo and Lim Seul Ong’s fans replied on the SNS arguing “It’s natural for young people to date,” “Why are you here to vent your anger?” and “He introduced each other because they wanted to meet” 

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel expressed his sorriness and gratitude for his fans saying “It was nothing else that supported me. 

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