[Curtain call] JBJ95 “We want to be a duo singer people can trust and listen to our music”, Comeback as a song “Like a Flame”

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JBJ95  returned with a new song “Like a Flame”  this summer and expressed their aspiration to get the title of “A duo singer people can trust and listen to our music.

JBJ95 held a showcase to mark the release of their third mini-album ‘SPARK’and performed their new song at the Yes24live hall located in Gwangjang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul at 4 p.m on the 6th.

Asked if they slept well ahead of their comeback, Sang-gyun smiled, saying, “I didn’t sleep well during the run-up to the comeback, but I slept a little yesterday, so I’m in a good condition,” and Kenta also said, “I slept a lot. I don’t usually eat breakfast in the morning, but I ate a lot today.

Regarding their new album “SPARK,” Sang-gyun said, “We set the theme of this album as “A day in summer night” and prepared the tracks with emotional songs that would be good for each time of the day. If you listen to the song slowly, you can feel like you are going through a summer day,” he explained.

Regarding their behind story about preparation of the album, Kenta said “I didn’t have time to spare because of my pronunciation in the previous recording. I could only read the lyrics and record. But this time, there was time to spare after I  learned the pronunciation and vocal lesson. So I think I could have produced better results”

JBJ95’s title track “Like a Flame” is a song featuring a clean yet dreamy feeling, repetitive bass, and guitar. They compared the ecstatic moments of falling in love and time between the two to the flame rising. And It reminds of a scene where they flew in the sky on a summer night.

About “Like a Flame,” Kenta said, “It’s a song about summer nights. I think the bass guitar sounds and repeated lyrics are addictive. There is also a point dance that people can easily copy. The name we decided was ‘whining Dance,'” he said, and he drew attention by presenting a point dance at the scene.

JBJ95 is an uncommon duo in the K-pop industry. Regarding their strength as a duo, the members said, “When we were doing our previous activities, our fans told us that “the songs are super nice.” After hearing the story, we thought a lot about the style that only we can do, and now we’re doing music that can express our characters well. We think the music that JBJ95 does is our charm and strength,” he said.

JBJ95 wrapped up the showcase, unveiling the goals they want to get from this album. Sang-gyun said, “I hope many people recognize our music. I was grateful to many people for saying that both the first and second albums are perfect for their taste. I hope this album will give us the title of ‘A duo singer people can trust and listen to our music’” he said.

Then Kenta said, “I always want to be a team that grows and develops. I think that’s the goal I have kept over and over again. I’m confident about this album, but I’m seeing our possibility to do better than this. When we release our next album, we will try to prepare harder and show you better performance than this one”

Meanwhile, “SPARK” has a total of five tracks, including the title track “Like a Flame,” “아침이면,” “UREAL,” “HEY, SUMMER” and “CRUSH.” It was released at 6 p.m. on the same day.


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