Kim Hee-chul and momo drew attention for the second day even though they deny their romantic rumor

[Maeil Business Newspaper Yang So-young]

Super Junior Kim Hee-cheol and TWICE’s Momo denied the romantic rumors, but they have been at the center of the conversation for two days.

Reports emerged that Kim Hee-chul and Momo had been dating for two years after they’ve met through broadcast in 2017 on the 6th. Momo also was in the music video for “Sweet Dream” by the duo ‘우주 겁쟁이’, formed by Kim Hee-cheol and Min Kyung-hoon.

Upon rumors of a romantic relationship between Kim Hee-chul and Momo, the agency of both sides dismissed the rumors, saying that they were “only between close seniors and juniors and that the rumors were groundless.”

Even though they quickly deny their romantic rumor, It has been making headlines by being posted on major portal sites for the second day.

The rumors of their romantic relationship also drew attention in Japan. Because they are a member of Super Junior and TWICE who also have many fans in Japan.

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-chul is active in a number of entertainment programs, including JTBC’s “아는 형님” and the sky drama “왜 우리집에 왔니”. And he played the cat’s voice in the upcoming film ‘나만 없어 고양이.’

Momo is currently participating in TWICE’s 2019 world tour concert ‘TWICE WORLD TOUR 2019 ‘TWICELIGHTS’

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