Rocket Punch, “Lovelyz’s sister group, there was pressure, but we tried”

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se-yeon]

Rookie girl group‘Rocket Punch ’has expressed their feelings about its debut as “Lovelyz’s sister.”

Rocket Punch held a showcase to mark the release of their first mini-album “PINK PUNCH” at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul, on the 7th in the afternoon.

Rocket Punch drew attention early from the k-pop industry as a girl group released by Woolim Entertainment for the first time in five years since Lovelyz. Regarding the modifier as a “Lovelyz’s sister,” they said that“We had been under pressure, but we have been dreaming and working hard for our debut so we think we were able to finish our debut stage well”

Rocket Punch said that “We could prepare with the confidence because Lovelyz’s cheered us” and they added, “Whenever we meet Lovelyz’s, they always encourage us”

In particular, they said, “We recently went to a LOVELYZ’s concert, and Mi-joo aid that “Rocket Punch is pretty” and “I’m cheering Rocket Punch”

The team name Rocket Punch means “a fresh punch throwing into a simple daily routine.”

They also expressed their wish to try to bring bright energy to the everyday lives of the public with the new music and stage provided by the Rocket Punch.

The debut title track “BIM BAM BUM” derives from German and it contains the ambition of a Rocket Punch to make its song sound to the world.

Rocket Punch’s first mini-album, “PINK PUNCH,” will be released at 6 p.m. on various online music sites.

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