Sunmi will be back on the 27th of August. Releases teaser of coming soon ‘mystery+fantasy’

[Maeil Business Newspaper  Shin Yeongeun]

The “Coming Soon” teaser, which announces the comeback of Sunmi, who is K-pop’s leading female solo artist, has been unveiled and draws attention.

The agency, Makeus Entertainment, released a teaser image of coming soon with the message “COMING SOON Teaser. 2019. 08. 27 (TUE) 6 PM” on its official SNS at 0:00 a.m. on the 8th.

In the released teaser image, the “Butterfly” object appeared as a background of mysterious colors that added a pink to a purple symbolizing singer Sunmi, provoking questions about the new song concept. On top of that, she officially unveiled her comeback date as “2019.08.27 6 PM,” raising expectations for her new album.

After working with Makeus Entertainment, Sunmi has solidified her position as an unrivaled female solo artist by hitting four consecutive hits, including “가시나,” “주인공,” “Siren” and “Noir.” With its unconventional performance and distinct concept, she has spread beyond Korea and abroad by getting the modifier as a “sunmi-pop”

In particular, Sunmi successfully finished her first world tour “WARNING” in 18 cities in North America, Asia, and Europe over a four-month period from February, showing off her image as a “global K-pop queen”

The release of Sunmi’s new song comes five months after her single “Noir” released in March. It is the official broadcast activity in about a year since “Siren.” Many expect how sensuous a stage Sunmi will perform, who is pioneering her own path with a concept that no one can match.

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