Coming out, Som Hye in, a cast member of ‘Idol School,’ “I have a pretty girlfriend”

[Maeil Business Newspaper Kim So-yeon]

Som Hye-in, a cast member of “Idol School,” came out.

Som Hye-in revealed that she is in a same-sex relationship on her Instagram story on the 13th saying “My girlfriend has short hair, just my girlfriend’s style. PLZ respect her. It’s heartbreaking to ask my girlfriend if she’s a man or a woman”

Earlier, Som Hye-in revealed her relationship on her Instagram saying “In fact, I have a very pretty girlfriend.” Since then, she proudly released some photos of her lover.

Som Hye-in expressed gratitude for the support of internet users, and for about the malicious comments, she answered “My parents know” and “I’m fine. thank you for your concern and support. really thank you so much”

Meanwhile, Som Hye-in made her face known by appearing on Mnet’s “Idol School,” which aired in 2017. Som Hye-in was declared unassailable due to lack of remembering the lyrics and dancing mistakes. Som Hye-kn dropped out of the show after one episode of her own will, saying “I’m not good enough” and “I’m not feeling well too.” Som Hye-in was also embroiled in controversy after she was named the perpetrator of school violence after the show.

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Picture.  Som Hye-in SNS, Mnet

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