It is decided that KNK will make its ‘2019 Europe tour’ in 6 countries including Germany, France, U.K, and others

[Maeil Business Newspaper  Jin Hyang-hee]

Boy group KNK will make its first European tour after Asia and the U.S.

Starting in Berlin, Germany on the 14th, KNK will host “SUNRISE TOUR IN EUROPE” in a total of six cities and meet with European fans.

After opening their first tour in Berlin, Germany, KNK will host European tours in a total of six cities, including Warsaw, Poland, London on the 18th, Portugal on the 21st, Madrid, Spain on the 23rd and Paris on the 25th.

KNK previously had been received with the enthusiastic response from local fans as it also held solo tours in Asia and the United States. As a result, KNK, who has gained solid fandom overseas, will continue their career as a world-class artist by expanding their career to Europe thanks to favorable responses from global fans.

KNK, which recently completed its fourth single album “KNK S/S COLLECTION,” has drawn keen attention from music fans at home and abroad, with each appearance on a music show with its title track “SUNSET” being listed as a real-time search keyword on the portal. After finishing their “Sunset” career, KNK is expected to continue to drive global popularity with their European tour

Meanwhile, KNK will leave for Germany on the 13th for its first European tour, “SUNRISE TOUR IN EUROPE.”

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