“BTS ‘s most memorable scenes on variety shows are all collected”…SBS will broadcast ‘BTS collection on variety shows ‘ as the special episode of Chuseok’

[Maeil Business Newspaper Lee Dagyeom]                                                                                        

SBS will showcase “BTS Chronicles on variety shows” as a special entertainment episode for Chuseok(Korean Thanksgiving day) in September

SBS will prepare a special “BTS Chronicles on variety shows,” as a special entertainment episode of Chuseok, which is a collection of BTS ‘s most memorable scenes on variety shows with the trend of the digital era and the flow that the star’s past videos draw attention.

“BTS Chronicles on variety shows” will be hosted by Kim Sung-Joo, who has been recognized for his outstanding MC performance by crossing various genres, Jeong Hyeongdon, who is an idol program expert and Jang Yewon who is an announcer having familiar charm.

It is expected for the talks of three people, which brings new fun, as well as the fruitful information about BTS.

Meanwhile, “BTS Chronicles on variety shows” is a ranking show program that selects the most interesting scenes of BTS from their debut to now in SBS entertainment, and is expected to give viewers a variety of charms of BTS that they have not known. It is broadcasted on the September’s Chuseok holiday.


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