Hyuna (♥E’dawn), showed off her perfect bare skin

[Maeil Business Newspaper Yurim, Intern reporter]

Singer Hyuna showed off her perfect bare skin.

Hyuna posted a video on her Instagram account on the 13th.

In the released video, Hyuna makes a variety of facial expressions, such as a muggy look and a dazed look. Her hairstyle, pure bare face, and her modest clothes are all-natural. Her face without makeup, dark eyebrows, cat eyes, and sharp nose are shining.

Netizens showed a variety of expressions such as “that’s why she’s so beautiful, and that her eyes are so big. Too perfect to the clavicle,”, “no need for a lot of modifiers” and, “It’s just pretty,”  and other responses.

Meanwhile, Hyun-ah and Ethan confessed in August last year that they have been dating for three years despite the agency’s denial. The two, who later left their agency, signed an exclusive contract with P NATION, led by Psy, in January.


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