Yang Hyeon-Seok suffered discredit for the police’s ‘special investigation’, which occurred three years ago…”Visit inspection is for the elderly and patients”

[Maeil Business Newspaper  Shin Yeon-kyeong of MK Sports]

Suspicions have arisen that Yang Hyeon-Seok, the former head of YG Entertainment, received preferential treatment during a police investigation three years ago on charges of violating the building law.

Channel A’s “News A,” which aired on the afternoon of the 15th, reported that Yang was questioned by police’s visit three years ago for violating the building law, not for summoning.

According to reports, Seoul Mapo-gu Office asked the police to investigate the six-story building owned by Yang Hyeon-Seok.

Yang Hyeon-seok is suspected of investigating police favors in past cases. Photograph by Ok Yeonghwa Reporter

At that time, the Mapo-gu Office requested an investigation into Yang on charges of violating the Building Act, saying, “The photo studio located on the third floor of the building was turned into a house without reporting a change of use.”

In response, Seoul Mapo-gu Police booked Yang Hyeon-Seok as a suspect, but no summons was made.  It is reported that the investigation was made through the police’s visit to YG Entertainment.

Police later handed over Yang Hyeon-Seok to the prosecution for questioning, and the court handed down a 3 million won fine to Yang in a summary trial

Yang Hyeon-seok is suspected of investigating police favors in past cases. Photograph by ‘NewsA’ Broadcasting Capture

In particular, critics say that the visit is a method that is usually used to investigate patients and senior citizens, and that this is a special investigation by the police.

However, the investigation team said there was no problem with the travel investigation, adding that it did not consider it a special favor because the schedule was busy and it was based on circumstances.


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