Sunmi, the title of “LALALAY” is confirmed… ‘intense’ First teaser

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se-yeon]

Singer Sunmi is on the countdown to her comeback, starting with the release of the first teaser for her new song “LALALAY”

Makeus Entertainment, which is sunmi’s agency,  unveiled three first teaser images of its new single song “LALALAY” on the 19th. There are active free-flying butterflies, different colored wigs in the same wig, step forward and etc in the teaser in order to express sunmi’s identity and self-reliance attitude, suggesting sunmi’s new challenge.

Sunmi’s title song“LALALAY” is opened through this teaser.

“LALALAY” (words by Sunmi and music by sunmi and Frants) is a self-composed song by Sunmi following “Siren” and “Noir.” This song was inspired and worked during her first world tour “WARNING” in Mexico as a solo artist. It is expected for Sunmi’s unique charm in this album, given the subtle atmosphere of the first teaser and the confident and intense energy given the title “LALALAY.”

The “LALALAY” first teaser was previously released through AirDrop events for three days from 16th to 18th, drawing attention online.

Netizens, who received Sunmi’s teaser image through the airdrop function, uploaded photos of Sunmi with responses such as “I got the teaser of Sunmi,” “It’s fresh” and  “aggressive marketing” on various online community sites and social networking sites, and they expressed expectations on Sunmi’s comeback.

Sunmi has established herself as an unrivaled female solo artist, boasting a concept that other artists can’t come across. In particular, she successfully wrapped up her four-month World Tour “WARNING” tour of 18 cities in North America, Asia, and Europe from February, showing off the image of the “global K-pop queen”. Attention is focusing on whether Sunmi, who made her songs success such as “가시나,” “주인공,” “Siren,” and “Noir,” will be able to make five consecutive hits to her self-composed song “LALALAY.”

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