SEVENTEEN will come back on the 16th September…and keep ‘HIT’’s success

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Group Seventeen, which successfully wrapped up its digital single “HIT” activities, made a surprise announcement of its first full-length album comeback on the 16th of Sept in about a year and 10 months.

SEVENTEEN is getting an enthusiastic response from both home and abroad just for the news of the album’s release. Making the time to wait for their comeback more enjoyable, we prepared SEVENTEEN’s all-time summer song, which will cool off this year’s final heatwave.

#Re-package album ‘아주 NICE’

Released in July 2016, “아주 NICE” made them perfectly established as the next K-pop representative runner by demonstrating the formula of “Seventeen = clear and cool idol,” following its previous title track “예쁘다(Beautiful).”

The song, “아주 NICE,” which expresses the thrill people feel with their love with Seventeen’s liltingness is loved by many people so far, combining their pure, bright energy with a restrained performance.

#the fifth Mini-album ‘어쩌나’.

Released in July 2018, “어쩌나” captures the most beautiful moment that Seventeen can show as they are youthful. Notably, the melody of the song placed on the beautiful lyrics containing a feeling of liking someone, cheerful swing rhythms, and urban soul create a sophisticated atmosphere.

Based on this, SEVENTEEN’s musicality, which grew even bigger, showed their identity even more firmly. It also gave a dazzling and glorious summer beauty with its more mature softness.

#Digital Single ‘HIT’

The digital single “HIT,”  released now for about seven months, is a dance song in the intense EDM genre. The impactful sound and explosive energy that feels a hit is delivered and shown through SEVENTEEN’s powerful performance.

This digital single has successfully expanded SEVENTEEN’s musical color by giving it a restrained charisma, unlike the one that has captivated the public every summer with a clean look.

Also, upon their comeback, they showed their global position by winning top spots on various major domestic music sites, followed by constant rave reviews on the music and music videos of “HIT” on famous foreign media platforms including Billboard and Forbes in the U.S. and NME in the U.K.

Starting with the digital single “HIT,” Seventeen is expected to meet fans with colorful content, with its full-length album set to be released on the 16th of September and the world tour “ODE TO YOU” IN SEOUL scheduled to be held on the 30th of Sept.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR “ODE TO YOU” IN SEOUL will be held for a total of three days from the 30th to the 1st of Sept at the KSPO DOME in Seoul.

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