[MK Field] ‘Queendom,’ this is the real ‘Girl Group’s comeback battle.’

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The “Real” girl group comeback match will begin with any concessions

Mnet’s “Queendom” (directed by Cho Wook-hyeong) is a new program that deals with the comeback battle of 6t eams of K-pops mainstream girl group, which will release a new single at one o’clock that day. It will boldly break the rule of the music market, which artists have adjusted their debut date in order not to overlap the timing of their comeback, and hold a head-to-head competition without making an inch of concessions to become the “one-top” in the name and reality.

The “Queendom” was unveiled at a production presentation held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province, on the 26th afternoon. With Lee Da-hee and Jang Sung-kyu as the MC, there are a total of six singers in the “Queendom” race, including AOA, G_I_DLE, Lovelyz, Mamamoo, Oh My Girl and Bom Park.

Group Mamamoo/ Reporter Yoo Yong Suk

Producer Cho Wook-hyeong said expressing the intention of planning, “I personally like sports, and I’ve thought about the reason why the European Cup tournament took place in the case of soccer.” “I thought maybe the regional competitions could have started by competing the best football players in one town with the best football players in the other town. “ I thought I could recreate what was being clashed and simultaneity that only sports have at the same time in the music program have and seen in music programs,” he said.

Regarding the difference between the existing girl group Survivor program such as “Classic of Immortality-Girl Group Part” and “Girl Spirit,” he said, “Other programs are competing with existing songs, but we started as a curiosity ‘if there are some top singers who will make their comeback on the same stage on the same day, which form they will compete each other?’ so I think there’s another part.”

Group AOA/ Reporter Yoo Yong Suk

PD Cho said, “K-pop is gaining worldwide fame, but some people think it is limited to fandom.” “We started out with the idea that such a program would be okay to grow the scale itself,” he added.

As for concerns over intensifying competition for fandom due to the program, “it is likely that each company, as well as artists, tend to prepare for a comeback powerfully since it is actually competing against each other with a single album.” “You can think K-pop has keen competition not only on stage but also internally,” he said.

MC Lee Da-hee was also worried about the fandom fight. Lee Da-hee said, “There are people who are worried about the fandom fights, and I hope the focus will be set on the girl groups’ best competition ahead of their comeback on the same day. Everyone is working hard beyond description. I ask for your interest and support,” she said.

Group (G)I-DLE/ Reporter Yoo Yong Suk

“I’m a fan of Mamamoo,” said Lee Da-hee, who also drew attention as a real fan of Mamamoo, “but I originally interested in the girl group. I was able to cheer for all the groups on stage this time,” adding, “Not only Mamamoo, but I also want viewers to feel the same way.”

Cho PD denied the possibility of “excessive editing”, what people usually can see in the survivor program. “I’ll do my best to show what the girl group can show in their field and feel sorry for the results.  You won’t have to worry that someone will be portrayed badly,” he added

He added, “I will do my best to show the scene what girl groups can show in their area and girl groups feel sorry for the result. You won’t have to worry that someone will be portrayed badly,” he said.

Group Lovelyz/ Reporter Yoo Yong Suk

He also added that he has a heavy heart as a program to hold a live vote amid the recent lack of trust in CJ ENM programs, including the alleged manipulation of “Produce X101.” “We’re taking it very seriously, too,” Cho said. “We’re going to vote exhaustive on the last day of the shoot. There are also plans to keep the original data and make it public if necessary,” he said.

Cho PD said, “We are working on ways to make it public in a way that leaves no doubt if possible. “The first thing we want to do is to set the standards internally when we select the observer so that there is no suspicion, and we will rule out the problematic parts in the case of the company,” he said.

The cast of the show left a short and bold impression. “We’ve prepared a variety of different colors for the stage, so we hope you enjoy it as well,” AOA said.

Group Oh My Girl/ Reporter Yoo Yong Suk

“It’s an honor to be able to perform on a stage with the seniors in the k-pop industry,” (G)I-DLE said. “We’ll give you a great performance that’s developing .” Lovelyz said “We are going to show you a different kind of sides that you ‘ve never seen before through ‘Queendom.'”

Mamamoo said, “As I said before at the concert, ‘we don’t perform the same stage’, we will show cool and good performance at the ‘Queendom’ too.”Oh, My Girl said, “We are very nervous because we participate in this kind of program for the first time but as a group that has many concepts, we’ll show a variety of different looks and hidden charms.”

Park Bom, who last took the stage, said with a smile, “I’m so nervous and fun to be part of the competition program.” PD Cho expressed expectation of‘Kingdom’’s possibility appearing boy group “I think I can do that if things go well.”

Singer Park Bom/ Reporter Yoo Yong Suk

The song will be released at 11 p.m on the 24th of Oct. PD Cho said: “We are going to talk about music on the air and progress the show on the 30th based on the rankings and trends of music sources that opened on the 24th.”


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