Sunmi who has lots of passion returns to “LALALAY” today.

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se-yeon]

Singer Sunmi will return with her new song  “LALALAY”, which has charisma and glamour.

Sunmi will release her new single “LALALAY” at 6 p.m. on the 27th through major online music sites at home and abroad and start her activities in earnest. The release of the new song comes five months after the single “Noir,” and the official broadcast activity comes a year after the “Siren”, and it’s adding attention.

Sunmi in the unveiled jacket cover completed her colorful styling with a flower pattern dress with a butterfly ornament on her head.

On top of that, she expressed confidence with her strong eyes and charisma, showing an enchanting and elegant figure.

The new song “LALALAY” is Sunmi’s self-composed song, inspired by her tour of North America and Mexico that took place in March. The song “LALALAY,” which is impressive in lyrics that pour freely over the exotic sounds of Dance-Hall and Latin, which lead the entire song, is a mixed match of Korea’s own vibe with Taepyeongso’s song at the front, which overwhelms the intro.

“LALALAY” has a unique charm that makes it difficult to predict how it will proceed as well, the song coordinates with the beats that get your shoulder naturally moving and melodies that continue smoothly. In particular, Sunmi added a unique charm by converting “LALALAY,” another word that calls Taepyeongso, into lyrics such as “I’m Naughty,” “Captain,” and “날라.”

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