[Curtain call] “I’m not afraid of change”…Sunmi returns ‘LALALAY’ with its sassy charm

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Singer Sunmi has returned with “LALALAY,” which has a sassy charm.

Sunmi held a showcase to celebrate the release of her new single “LALALAY”  and performed her new song at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, at 2 p.m. on the 27th.  Sunmi’s release of the new song comes five months after her single “Noir,” and about a year after “Siren.”

Sunmi said, “It’s been a long time since I officially performed. So, I’m worried and nervous in some degree. It also feels different from the previous songs. It used to be heavy and exciting, but this time it’s a bright and sassy song from start to finish. So I wonder how the public will react,” she said, expressing her excitement ahead of her comeback.

Until now, Sunmi has met her fans all over the world through the World Tour, “WARNING.” Regarding the impression of finishing her 18-nation world tour as a first female solo artist, Sunmi said, “It was an hour and a half performance with a setlist of 16 songs. So I felt a lot of pressure, and I was worried. But while I was on tour, I thought that I didn’t need that kind of worry. I thought I did well because people with different eyes and different hair colors all sang in Korean, and before the concert, they shouted my name, so I felt like I broadened my perspective.”

In particular, the new song “LALALAY” is Sunmi’s self-composed song that she worked with inspiration during her world tour “WARNING” in Mexico. The unique lyrics are impressive as they travel between poetic metaphors and straightforward narratives on the exotic sounds of dance-hall and Latin.

As for her behind story about the self-composed song “LALALAY,” Sunmi said, “I went to a Mexican concert, and the fans were fascinated without other people’s eyes and became one with the stage. It was a very new experience. After the performance, I came back to the hotel, suddenly, the word ‘LALALAY’ came to mind. You know Korean has lots of joy like Mexican. So I searched for it, and it turned out to be Taepyeongso. A different word for Taepyeongso was a LALALAY. That’s when I thought, ‘The next song is a LALALAY.'”

Related to what she put a story about ego in ‘LALALAY, she said “I felt there are a lot of people who sick at heart among modern people. They are around me, and it’s easy to see. I think it’s because of anxiety about self. I wanted to help and comfort them as I did to myself, and I wanted to play that kind of music that reminds people of the music again.”

Sunmi has been loved for her “unique solo female singer,” sweeping the top of the music charts for every song she releases, including “가시나,” “주인공,” “Siren” and “Noir.” This led to the question of whether there is any pressure on the new song’s performance.

Sunmi said, “I’m so nervous.” “I couldn’t sleep yesterday, but today I gave up. I gave up because if I’m nervous, I think I won’t be able to show you all because of the tension.” Still, she expressed her greed for the music ranking. “It would be good to get the high rank”

Sunmi said, “I always agonize a lot about whether I’ll take a little more of the image I have or whether I’ll change it. Personally, I think the middle between popular appeal and the artist’s own color is the most ideal.

There are times when you feel that it’s an “It’s time to change,” combining the opinions of people around you, and now was that moment. The next album will be released after the “LALALAY” activity, which will be challenging again. I’ll be Sunmi who doesn’t fear or hesitate about change,” she said, adding that she will continue to be a challenging singer.

Meanwhile, Sunmi’s new single “LALALAY” will be released at 6 p.m. on major music sites at home and abroad.


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