X1, a petition of KBS viewers appeared “Not yet for the appearance of ‘Music Bank’ program”

[Maeil Business Newspaper Intern Cha Yoon-joo]

While group X1 start their activity after its debut, the petition of the viewers to ban the appearance of KBS came on.

The petition titled ‘please ban X1 from appearing in the ‘Music Bank’posted on the viewer’s petitioner’s center at KBS on the 27th.

The writer of the petition said that “I learned the article, which says X1 is consulting about the appearance of KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank.’”According to the report released by the National Police Agency on the 16th, the cyber investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency is conducting into Produce X 101. I know the investigation is not over yet on the alleged vote-rigging, but it seems too early,” they said.

They added, “We hope you will maintain the dignity of public broadcasters, which is  operated by public subscription fees.”

The people who agreed that the petition recorded 2048 people as of 3 pm on the 28th. Other petitions have also been posted calling for a “No appearances on KBS program” and a “No terrestrial appearances “

Meanwhile, group X1, formed through Mnet’s entertainment program “Produce X101,” released its first mini-album “비상: Quantum Leaf” on the 27th and began its activities.

On the same day, one media outlet reported that X1 does not appear on the “Music Bank” stage. An official at X1 said to Maeil Business Newspaper        “We are in talks with a broadcasting company related to KBS2’s ‘Music Bank’”

Produce X101 has been embroiled in controversy over allegations of vote-rigging due to the same number of votes gaps. While the police are investigating the case, many netizens are engaged in a heated debate over the debut of “X1.”

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Picture| Maeil Business Newspaper DB, a screenshot of KBS website

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