SEVENTEEN starts its WORLD TOUR TODAY (30th)…also opened their Comeback teaser page

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se-yeon]

Group Seventeen pre-heated its comeback by unveiling its teaser on the website with the launch of the world tour.

Pledis Entertainment, the agency of SEVENTEEN, opened its teaser website today at midnight(30th), ahead of the release of its third full-length album.

On the released teaser’s website, there is a book with their logo on it on the black background. As the screen expands, indexes with the words “Ordinary,” “recognize”, “Cry Out,” “HIT,” “Trap,” “Fear” and “And More” appear in a row, drawing attention.

When you click the index clicked sequentially, some parts of the recently released “An Ode: Unchained Melody,” “An Ode 2 : Fear” video and “HIT” music video are played briefly, leading to heated speculation among fans about how each word and video might be linked to the third full-length album.

Finally, when you click on “And More,” the phrase “THE DAY IS COMING” and “2019.09.16,” the date of their comeback opened and received an intense response.

SEVENTEEN will begin performing their world tour “ODE TO YOU” in Seoul today. The concert will run for a total of three days until Sept. 1 at the KSPO DOME in Seoul.

After their world tour, they will make a comeback with their third full-length album on Sept. 16 and continue their brisk activities.

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