The Boyz, D.D.D. choreography video…perfect group dance

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The boy band ‘The Boyz’ drew attention with the perfect group dance

The Boyz released their choreography video of their new song ‘D.D.D’against the background of the practice room on the official YouTube channel and SNS on the 28th and drew intense attention with their fresh energy and perfect group dance.

The released video shows the daily life of The Boyz members, who are practicing the group dance.

Featuring passionate teamwork, The Boyz’s latest choreography video is disclosed in detail from their point choreography such as ‘boxing dance’ and ‘jegichagi’ dance to the flow of the dance one by one, adding to the fun of watching the new song “D.D.D.”

Amid favorable reviews of “D.D.D.’s fresh performance right after its comeback, The boyz’s choreography video released as a surprise gift for fans,

received well while recording high review count shortly after its release.

The Boyz released its title track “D.D.D.” on the 19th, which is the concept of the boys’ “Dream Fantasy,” and continues to do their comeback activities.

Right after its release, The boyz’s latest album topped iTunes’ K-pop albums charts in seven foreign countries, including the U.S., U.K and Canada and etc, and highlighted their performance in leading overseas media such as the U.S. Billboard and MTV, reaffirming the growth potential of the “next” global runner.

In particular, The Boyz won the “Rising Hot Star” award at the ‘2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards’ on the 23rd, and prove their dignity by getting another trophy after sweeping seven gold medals at the Rookie awards last year. 

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