ITZY finished ‘ICY’ Activity…2019’s Best New Artist

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se-yeon] 

The group ITZY has wrapped up its activities of ‘ICY’. It was an activity that solidified the unrivaled presence of the “2019 Best New Artist.”

ITZY ended its five-week run with SBS’ “인기가요” program on the 1st. ITZY released its first mini-album “IT’z ICY” and title track “ICY” on July 29 and met with “MIDZY(name of ITZY.’s fandom)”

ITZY set a new record of its own and continued its popularity for two consecutive years, taking the honor of “12 Gold Medal” among music show with “ICY.”

They earned their own record with “ICY” by getting a total of nine gold medals including the shortest-term No. 1 in terrestrial music show as ‘DALLA DALLA’, which is ‘IT’z Different’s title song released in 12th February and seven gold medals in terrestrial music show.

The music video for “ICY” also surpassed 5 million views in just 10 hours after its release and surpassed 10 million views in 18 hours and 20 million views in about 24 hours and 48 minutes. They then achieved 50 million views on YouTube for the first time in six days, continuing their popularity.

In addition, ITZY has recently swept ‘the Rookie of the Year’ award at the K-pop awards show, showing off its presence as the “2019 Best New Artist.” They won IT’z first “The Female New Artist” as rookie of the year award just 171 days after their debut at the “2019 M2 X GENIE MUSIC AWARDS” on the 1st, and won the ‘Best Rookie award’ at the “2019 SORIBADA BEST K-MUSIC AWARDS” on the 22nd.

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