Kang Daniel, show us the choreography video of ‘Intro’. Completed special performance Clip Series.

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se-yeon] 

Singer Kang Daniel has released the choreography video for the last “INTRO” of the special performance clip series.

Kang Daniel released an “INTRO” choreographic video of his solo debut album “Color on me” through Connect Entertainment’s official YouTube channel at the time timed with his solo debut date July 25th at 7:25 p.m. on April 30th.

Except for “Color,” singing in a chair without choreography, all of the performance videos were released from his title song ‘뭐해’, ‘I HOPE’, ‘Horizon’ to ‘INTRO’. Kang Daniel’s ‘color on me’ performance special clip series has been completed, adding a fun twist by placing ‘INTRO’ last in the order, not the first.

In what can be called a preview of the debut album, “INTRO” is a song written by ‘Folw Blow’ and choreographed by Franklin Yu. The main point of this song is to express the passage of time in performance in line with the lyrics, “We gonna be dancing through the night.” The choreography is designed with detailed textural expressions to help you hear different sounds in the music together with the performance, and the more you focus on what sounds are being played, the more fun it is to watch the performance.

Kang Daniel who was wearing a smooth fluttering white shirt and black pants perfectly digested challenging choreography from a soft curve that looked like a modern dance to a detailed motion that required quick steps. In particular, he makes the audiences focused for a moment from the high point of music after 50 seconds to the last moment he turns his back.

If the choreography practice video released earlier was filmed in a practice room or rehearsal stage, the special clip adds to just how special the whole video is. In a studio that can best capture the story of the “INTRO.” A mood-changing mood-changings in light drew attention such as a dark night lurking behind the wound, the moment when It gets warm in the moonlight and the blueness of the darkest dawn before sunrise. Kang Daniel filled the empty space filled with emptiness in the passage of time with his performance.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel confirmed the official name of his fandom as “DANITY” on the 29th. DANITY is a combination of Daniel and the suffix “-ity,” meaning that every moment Kang Daniel and his fans make is special.

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