A Lie of Everyone ”Lee Min-ki X Lee Yoo-young, two people whose life changed with the box of doubt

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OCN “ Everybody’s Lie ” released a video of Lee Min-gi’s character teaser. Along with a mysterious box, the two secrets whose lives have been reversed stimulate the nerves and bring us to the center of the thriller.

OCN’s new weekend original “ Everybody’s Lie ” (played by Jeon Yeong-jeong and director Lee Yun-jung) is a secret pursuit of the truth of a woman who becomes a member of the parliament to save her husband who disappeared after his father’s sudden death. The character teaser video of Cho Tae-sik (Lee Min-ki) and Kim Seo-hee (Lee Yoo-young), released last weekend, shows the elements that suggest the mysterious event against the background of hearing-boosting music, and the two people’s lives changed due to the ‘lie’. Amplify the question.

First of all, the video of Jo Tae-sik, “The Trustworthy Gwangsudae with Citizens” begins in a foggy forest.

With dreamy music that mixes the music of a music box and the laughter of a child, he looks around with a face full of doubts whether it is a dream, reality or even Jo Tae-sik. In the meantime, a girl in a red dress running sporty in the distance catches his eyes. A mysterious box that takes his foot in pursuit. As soon as he picked it up, the scene turned to the scene where the car was overturned, and Jo Tae-sik, “If you solve it, you can leave,” is at the center. What was the lie and the truth contained in everyone who made him unable to leave the case where he was forced to leave the wide-ranging investigation zone and applied to work in a rare rural village?

On the other hatd, at the beginning of Kim Seo-hee’s video, tension is felt all over the body. On a table in the misty forest, there is also a box of doubts. Kim Seo-hee’s eyes are full of anxiety and irritability, and she can’t see the box properly.

 At that moment, the mobile phone vibrated with a ringing sound saying, “The day my father died, my husband disappeared.” Following the narration of “I became a lawmaker who knew nothing,” her life changed after the accident of the vehicle being overturned. Because I had to be Kim Seo-hee, a member of the National Assembly next to you. It is the moment when Kim Seo-hee, who is the youngest daughter of the reputable lawmaker who has both wealth and honor, lived only in the greenhouse and becomes a member of the parliament.

‘Lilies of All’, which will satisfy viewers’ expectations and desires for a well-made genre with a differentiated secret thriller, is a work of art by Jeon Young-shin and Won Yoo-jung and director Lee Yoon-jung, who boasts sensational direction. OCN Drama Cinema ‘Ten is Hell’ will be broadcast on Saturday, October 12 at 10:30 pm.

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