‘BTS Entertainment Chronicles’ Today (10th) broadcast … What is the point of watching the main guard?

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‘BTS Entertainment Chronicle’ opens the door to SBS Chuseok Special Program.

STS Chuseok Special ‘BTS Entertainment Chronicles,’ which is broadcasted on the 10th, is a ranking show program that includes famous scenes from the global star bulletproof boy band (BTS).

#One. The fun of time travel between the present and the past

Recently, as a new culture consumption trend was created to browse past videos, ‘SBS KPOP CLASSIC’, a YouTube account of ‘popular streaming service’ in the ’90s, exploded. Star Time Capsule BTS, which was introduced on SBS ENTER PLAY, the official YouTube channel of SBS entertainment, also recorded 1 million views, so the demand for past videos is increasing

PD Lee Yanghwa said, “BTS is planning ‘BTS entertainment chronicles’ in line with new trends that are interested in the past. The members of the bulletproof Boy Scouts in the video are different at present and fresh, so you can travel back in time. It will be fun. ” He also said, “We will give the fans who love BTS a chance to revive memories, and those who do not know BTS will find a new charm of BTS.”

#2. Fun to meet nice stars

In the ‘BTS Entertainment Chronicles’, you can see various stars who appeared with BTS such as movie actors, Lee Si-young and Yoon Da-hoon.

 Particularly, at the Reaction Cam corner where people recall memories while watching videos, members of ‘Running Man’ including Yoo Jae-suk, singer Zion.T, Solbi, and Sleepy will star on the behind-the-scenes story that was not introduced on the air.

# 3. Fun to see historical data

In the ‘BTS Entertainment Chronicles’, you can see the attractiveness of BTS that was released through various channels such as SBS entertainment, SBS radio, and SBS MTV. BTS will be unveiled during the debut of ‘Bird Night’ interviews and the private episode of 2016’s New Year Special feature ‘The Boss is Watching’.

Lastly, PD Lee Yang-hwa said, “I hope that ‘BTS Entertainment Chronicles’ will be enjoyed by various generations of young and old as everyone can enjoy it without being a BTS fan.”

SBS Chuseok Special ‘BTS Entertainment Chronicles’ will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 10th

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