Bolbbalgan4’s transformation! Walkerholic Road Music Chart Top.

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

Bolbbalgan4 (Ahn Ji-young, Woo Ji-yun) also tried new musical attempts.

The title song ‘Walkerholic’, a new mini-album of ‘Two Five’ released on June 10th at 6 pm, became the top spot on the largest music sites in Korea, including Melon, Jinni, Bugs, and Sori Sea.

As of the morning of the 11th, it is still at the top of the charts and remains firmly on top. The song also entered the top 100 of the music charts but also showed strength to settle in the top.

Bolbbalgan4 previously released a series of official photos, moving teasers, and short films, and heralded a new musical attempt with a visual transformation that they had never done before. Bolbbalgan4 received expectations from music fans even before the album was released, and this time, they proved the sound source’s character and proved the limitless musical spectrum.

Bolbbalgan4’s new mini-album ‘Two Five’ includes the title song ‘Walkerholic’ as well as ’25’, ‘XX’, ‘Taste’, ‘Day off’ and ‘XX (Acoustic Ver.)’ It consists of 6 songs. The title song “ Walkerholic ” contains a message to tired workers who are hitting the world more frequently than others.

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