Everglow’s first reality show “Everglow Land” ended. “Happy Time”

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Ever Glow’s first reality Mnet, Ever Glow Land, ended the chapter.

‘Everglow Land’ is a reality program that takes you to the unknown world with Everglow. It was loved by demonstrating the topic of Everglow, such as climbing to real-time search word in every broadcast.

At the beginning of the broadcast, the first mission of the six members who took a vacation to a comfortable villa and showed tension in the world is ‘Game Factory’. Mia ‘Signing for five members’, vision ‘shooting a dried squid’, Asha ‘making triple before’, Eu ‘picking up bonbon chocola’, and applying ‘lipstick & manicure to one member’ The members who were challenged to fold three paper sciences and float on the water showed laughter by revealing six different characters through the performance of a lot of missions.

In the second mission, “Everglow Version Game,” which requires six successful missions to be relayed in two minutes with both hands on both arms, the team successfully succeeded with a burning game and teamwork.

Everglow said, “It was a happy time to be thankful and warm. My first excitement seems to be yesterday, but I’m sorry to see you pass too quickly, but I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to the many people who made another six memories. And best of all, we are always with EverGlow! I’m really thankful and loving you for being with me all the time. ”

On the other hand, the video letter of the members’ heart can be found on M2 YouTube, Facebook, and Naver channels.

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