TWICE MOMO Unveils New Song ‘Feel Special’ Personal Teaser

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TWICE, who is about to come back, released its third personal teaser video.

TWICE, who returns to the title song of the new album ‘Feel Special’ is showing a personal video teaser and a tracklist to enhance the comeback.

Following the personal teaser video of Nayeon-Jeongyeon on the official SNS channel, Momo’s video, which reveals the concept of the new song at 0 o’clock, is released.

Momo, who appeared in a black long dress, boasted a chic mood and excited fans.

Momo’s deadly charm is added to the background with its enchanting atmosphere, creating a sense of anticipation for the new release.

‘Feel Special’ is a new song released about 5 months after TWICE’s ‘FANCY’ released last April.

Park Jin-young and TWICE, who made ‘SIGNAL’ and ‘What is Love?’, are breathing again and foretelling the birth of another mega-hit.

Meanwhile, TWICE’s mini 8th album ‘Feel Special’ will be released on various music sites on the 23rd at 6 pm.

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