[MK Field] “The goal is 30%”… Lee Seung-ki X Bae Suzy “Vaga Bond” and 25 billion masterpiece’s confidence

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The “ Baga Bond ” cast aimed at 30% viewership while showing confidence in the work.

On the 16th at 2 pm in SBS Hall, Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, SBS’s new Golden Drama drama ‘Vaga Bond’ production presentation was held. The production presentation was attended by the director Yoo-Sik PD, who was in charge of the production, as well as Lee Seung-ki, Bae Suzy, Shin Sung-rock, Moon Jung-hee, and Hwang Bora.

Yoo-sik PD said of “Baga Bond,” “We prepared for a long time and many people gave us time and passion.

It’s an exciting drama with spy, action, politics, thriller, melo, narrative, and more. I wanted to make a drama that was unbearable as well as curious about the next episode. I have done my best with great actors so I hope you enjoy watching it. ”

Regarding the teamwork between the actors, he said, “It was the ultimate teamwork.” During the two-month filming in Morocco, the long flight time could be tiring, and the food and water were inadequate. It was a series of tensions because it was action shooting, but it was great. Daytime photography and occasional nighttime drinks felt that each other was a very good person. I hope this friendship will continue even after the drama is over ”.

‘Vaga Bond’ is a drama that uncovers a huge national corruption found in the hidden truths of a man who was involved in a civil airliner crash. It’s a spy action marshmallow with risky and naked adventures of the vagrants who lost their family, belonging and even their names. In particular, the company attracted interest before broadcasting for its one-year production period and overseas filming of Morocco and Portugal, which cost 25 billion won. Lee Seung-ki asked if the production cost was 25 billion won. “The crew members prepared the film perfectly so that it could not feel burdened.” There was little burden. I feel like I was shooting with a sense of stability because I only need to focus on my acting. ”

In addition, ‘Vaga Bond’ was the second time to catch a breath after Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy’s ‘Guga’s Book’. Lee Seung-ki acts as a hot-blooded stuntman Cha Dal-gun, who dreames of squeezing the action film industry using Jackie Chan as a role model. Bae Suzy plays the role of Agent Black, Go, Harry, who hides the identity of the NIS staff and works as a contractor for the Korean Embassy in Morocco.

Lee Seung-ki said, “I think it’s probably the most masculine character I’ve ever done.” However, ‘VagaBond’ is about a civilian who has never received special training and runs to lose his nephew in an airplane accident and dig up a huge plot. That’s why I tried to capture the action that makes me feel different from other action espionage films. ”

Next, Bes Suzy explained that the Go Harry character was a “three-dimensional figure who digs up the civilian passenger plane incident with Cha Dal-gun while dispatched to Morocco.”  In the middle of the drama, my agency changed and I was confused. But I will try to show you good looks in the future. “I was delighted to hear that I was acting as a good memory so I was able to appear together this time. So I was able to shoot with better breath.” Lee Seung-ki also replied, “Bae Suzy is very good, the attitude is very positive and bright shooting in the field. There were a lot of hard parts such as action acting, but it was easy to shoot because it was cool.”

Shin Sung-rok, who has been loved by the SBS dramas “Empressor’s Dignity” and “Return,” finished the production presentation expressing his confidence in the “VagaBond”. Shin Sung-rok said, “This work is going to work really well. I have experienced a lot of experiences I have not tried before, and I thought that it would be a new level of drama while shooting and feeling in the field.

 This is not easy, but I think this time it will be better. The audience goal is 30%. When 30% comes out, we will discuss with the actors and fulfill our commitment. ”

‘Baga Bond’ will be broadcast on the 20th at 10 pm.


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