‘Come on,’ Lee Jin-hyuk, battles with Swings, revealed rap skills

[Everyday Economic Star Today Shin Young Eun reporter]

Lee Jin-hyuk showed off his rap skills.

The hot idol Lee Jin-hyuk shows off his personality in JTBC’s “Speak Up” broadcast on the 17th. Lee Jin-hyuk will show off his skills as a rapper on this broadcast.

In the recent recording, ‘Come on,’ Lee Jin-hyuk had a freestyle rap battle with guest-rapper Swings. Lee Jin-hyuk didn’t panic during the sudden battle but instead started a “ Verse. ” The swings, who are active as judges in the hip hop survival program, we’re also surprised after he listened to Lee’s rap. Lee Jin-hyuk, who gained confidence through the rap, showed enthusiasm in the ensuing quiz competition and became a new passionate man of ‘Come on.’

The enthusiasm of the youngest child, Lee Jin-hyuk, can be seen in JTBC’s “Speak Up” broadcast on Tuesday night at 11:00 pm.


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