Jungkook’s ‘love affair’ attracting “legal response” … supporters are saying “leak of a ‘love affair’ is invading his privacy.

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While Big Hit Entertainment officially announced its devotion to the bulletproof Boy Scouts, the netizens said, “CCTV outflow is a crime.”

Big Hit Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as “Big Hit”) announced on the 17th that “the claim regarding our artist Jungkook, which is currently being distributed around SNS and online community’s, is not true.”

When Jungkook was picked up at a store in Geoje Island during his vacation, Big Hit said, “Member Jung-gu came to know that the tattoo shop acquaintances he had been acquainted with during his visit to Geoje Island were visiting. “We ate together and went to karaoke as a group. The contents were distorted and became known.”

Big Hit said, “We are sorry that the small personal life during the artist’s long vacation period was distorted and known.” Big Hit also emphasized that it will take legal action without exception when disseminating false facts.

When Big Hit Entertainment showed harsh displeasure with Jungkook’s romance rumor, the netizens cheered, saying, “Don’t forgive it.”

The netizens are saying, “I’m really scared of CCTV leaks besides the second affair. How do you wander outside?”, “In fact, CCTV leaks are serious. Privacy violations are serious.”, “CCTV leaks are crimes. “The distribution of false people should be punished.”, “The dissemination of false facts is also a crime.

On the 16th, a picture spread around the online community, SNS, etc., and some conjectured Jungkook’s love affair. A man enjoying a vacation in Geoje Island was photographed with a female while back hugging. Some netizens responded whether the male in the photo was BTS Jungkook, and some raised the opinion that he was actually a rapper named Hash Swan.

Some netizens asked Hash Swan about the authenticity of the picture through SNS, and Hash Swan explained that the protagonist was not himself. However, despite some criticism, some of the blame-like SNS posts continued, Hash Swan said, “it is disgusting.”

Hash Swan’s name continues to go up in real-time search terms related to Jungkook’s rumor, “Stop it. I don’t like distorted articles and I don’t like to go up and down with music.” I’m angry that I’m angry. So let’s say nothing to ourselves. “


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