‘New Envoy Guhae-ryeong’ Shin Se-kyung and Cha Eun-woo 20 years ago What is the connection of fate?

[Reporter Park Se-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

The MBC tree drama ‘New Admission Officer Gu Hae-Ryung (played by Kim Ho-su / director Kang Il-soo, Han Hyun-hee / produced by Green Snake Media)’ revealed three links on the 17th that will be the key points for the final drama.

#Birth secret; Shin Se-kyung and Cha Eun-woo’s past are undiscovered! Who is the father of them?

Earlier, Hae-Ryung’s father turned out to be Seorae-won’s chief Seomun-jik (Lee Seung-hyo), which attracted viewers’ attention. Interested in her childhood and her father, as Mohwa (Junik-Ryung) falls into shock when she realizes that she is the daughter of her teacher through her encounter with her brother Koo Jae-kyung (Fair-hwan).

At the same time, the secret of Yirim’s birth is also being revealed. Knowing that he was the son of Itae (Kim Min-sang) and the prince, Lee Jin (Park Ki-woong), the king of the present King, he was implied to be the son of Lee Gyeom (Yun Jong-hoon). How Leeim knows the secrets of his birth and how he reacts and who his father’s lord Lee Gum will be a point of watching must not be missed.

# 20 years ago The event that shaken Joseon Dynasty! The truth behind Kim Yeo-jin, Kim Min-sang, and Choi Deok-moon is

On the other hand, the tension of gunless wars between the Queen Mother Lim(Kim Yeo-jin), Ham Young-gun, and left legislator Min-ik-pyeong (min Deok-moon) is increasing. 20 years ago, Ham Young-kun, who came out of his son’s lord, Lee Gum-gi, came to the throne.

The Queen Mother Lim, Ham Young-gun, and Ikpyeong are 20-year-old living witnesses and the only ones who know the truth of the day. They inspire curiosity about the secret of their secrets.

#Seoraewon; Chong Hwan-hwan captures center movement What is the identity of Seoraewon? Interest amplification

Above all, the movement of Seoraewon forces is not unusual. In particular, Ham Yeong-gun, Ik-pyeong, and The Queen, who secretly protect her, show that Mo-hwa and Seorae-won are closely related to past events.

In addition, the deep connection between Haeryeong and Seoraewon is revealed, and viewers’ interest in the identity of Seoraewon is increasing day by day.

 Attention is focused on how the stories of those entangled around Seoraewon will be revealed.

“New entrant Gu Hae-ryeong,” said, “Seoraewon penetrates the entire drama and the whirlpool is going to sway as the truth about the past is revealed. The mysterious event will reverse the palace and change the game. We would be grateful if you could confirm this video to see how the fate of everyone, including Haeryeong and Irim, will flow. ”


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