‘Produce X’ Kim Min-gyu, ‘Face Genius’ eight-color tone charm released [Pictorial]

[Everyday Economic Star Today Shin Young Eun reporter]

London and New York-style fashion magazine “ Nylon (NYLON) ” and Mnet “ Produce X 101 ” from Kim Min-gyu released a pictorial together. In this pictorial, Kim Min-gyu’s eight-colored charm attracts attention from naughty to sexy aura boy.

When he started shooting, he wasn’t nervous, and he showed off 184 centimeters of height and visuals that were so good that people could call it the next generation of ‘face genius’.

In the following interview, when asked at what time in his life would he like to ride a time machine back t, Kim Min-gyu did not hesitate to select the sixth grade. The funny and sad reason can be found in the nylon October issue.

Interviews include height sequences during school days, band activities that made dreams come true on stage, the first fan meeting that he made ‘blanket kicks’, and Minkyu’s amazing life in Seoul.

Infinite possibilities left by ‘Produce X 101’, more pictorials and interviews by Kim Min-kyu, who is challenging and dreaming, and making films will be released sequentially in the October issue of Nylon and Nylon TV.


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