Hong Jin-young vs Music K exclusive contract dispute, the first trial will be held on 20th

[Everyday Star of Economics Today Lee Dacum reporter ]

The first trial of the exclusive contract dispute between singer Hong Jin-young and his company MusicK Entertainment (hereafter MusicK) will take place today.

Star News reported that the 50th Civil Affairs Department of the Seoul Central District Court will hold the first interrogation date for the suspension of the exclusive contract against Hong Kong on July 20.

The dispute on the exclusive contract between the two sides was reported at a later date by Hong Jin-young, who informed SNS that he filed an application for discontinuation of the exclusive contract effect against MusicK last month.

At the time, Hong Jin-young insisted, “I have been working hard without a scheduled break, but the company still has pushed the schedule even though it was difficult to digest the schedule due to deterioration of health.

The reason for starting the exclusive contract dispute was that there was a back contract with an unknown advertiser, a situation in which the money was lost for the monthly fee through the paper company, the execution of an undesired joint business contract, and a slight omission of the settlement of the event and advertising revenue. Said.

In this regard, MusicK said, “From the time Hong Jin-young debuted, we have managed management duties with the utmost respect for doctors. In addition, we spared no investment in the production of content such as sound recordings and recordings. ” In addition, “We increased the profit share every time we renewed our exclusive contract and changed other contracts to meet her requirements.”

As the conflict between the two sides became a legal dispute, Hong Jin-young recently reported that she was preparing to walk the readers by registering Ottiver, a shopping mall company she was registered as a representative.

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