‘Pedue X’ Lee Won-jun, the subway controversial issues Sit on the Maternity care seating …

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Lee Won-jun, who was from ‘Produce X101’, sat on a priority subway seat for pregnant women.

On June 16th, a Twitter account revealed a picture of Lee Won-jun sitting in a seat for priority pregnant women on the subway and looking at his mobile phone. The author expressed their uncomfortable feeling about Lee Won-jun’s sitting in the  “pregnant woman only” seat.

Especially because on the subway where Lee Won-jun was riding, there were multiple other seats where he could have sat, so the controversy continues to increase.

The netizens pointed out that “there are other empty seats, don’t you think?”

Lee Won-jun is an E-entry trainee who appeared in Mnet Survival Program ‘Produce X101’.


Photo | Mnet Broadcast Screen Capture

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