Hyuna performance controversy, ‘skirt up’ exposure performance on stage

[Reporter Kim So-yeon, Daily Economic Star]

Singer Hyuna’s exceptional performance is controversial.

Hyuna went on stage at a university festival on the 19th and performed songs such as ‘Rip and Hip’, ‘Red Yo’, and ‘Bubble Pop’. On that day, Hyuna danced in a black T-shirt and skirt and suddenly turned back, pulled up the skirt, swaying her butt.

As a result, her black underpants were exposed making this video controversial, as it spread quickly through SNS and online community.

Some netizens responded by saying, “We should avoid performance that promotes the commercialization of sex”, “That’s pretty harsh” and “Amazed.” However, some responded by saying, “It is a kind of fan service”, “Self-conscious look cool”.

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