Seonghoon X Hwasa, perfect matchmate… Mukkemi exploded (‘I Live Alone’)

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‘I live alone’ Seonghoon and Hwasa become a perfect matchmate.

MBC entertainment program ‘Live alone’ (planned by Kim Gu-san, director Hwang Ji-young, Lee Min-ji), which will be broadcasted at 11:10 pm on the 27th, will reveal the proper storm eatery as a preparation exercise before dancing.

On this day, Seonghoon and Hwasa, two peaks of Mukbang, are proud of their brilliant technology. Recognizing each other’s love for food, they boasted a lot of food and gourmet aspects.

In addition, Seonghoon is more satisfied with the richness of food than he thought, praises the amount of food. The number of confidently prepared servings which Hwasa prepared a light meal for Seonghoon who is not hungry will surprise the viewers.

Seonghoon, who started learning to dance in earnest, revealed his free pelvis in the face of an unexpected world of insa, raising his expectations on how he would pop an attractive potent.

On the other hand, Hwasa presents an unusually sporty Hwahwa School with less than 2% teaching. She only showed herself to Sunghun, who asked the storm questions about dance, but she was blind to the sudden theoretical question, and the answer was embarrassing and set the viewers in a roar.

Sung Hoon, Hwasa, and Mukbang’s joint Mukbang can be seen on ‘I Live Alone’ on October 27 at 11:10 pm.

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