“Trans-Siberian Pathfinders” Today (26th) First Release “Let’s expect a practical trip tip”

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TvN ‘ Trans-Siberian Pathfinders, which contains a good honey tip of the Trans-Siberian train trip, will be aired at 11 pm tonight.

Trans-Siberian Pathfinders (Director LEE Chan-hyun PD) is an unfamiliar travel experience tv show, travelling with best friends on a trans-Siberian train, which is one of the longest in the world, but one of the traveler’s bucket lists. The five-member crew experienced and learned the tips of the Trans-Siberian train travel tips, raising the expectations and curiosity. The production team released the observation point to enjoy the first broadcast more pleasantly.

■ More tips from the vanguard

Trans-Siberian train travel is relatively mysterious compared to other travels, so there is a mystery but less detailed information and tips. As a starter, we are excited to see the Trans-Siberian Pathfinders, who will be the first to experience everything about the Trans-Siberian train journey and give us tips.

The director of the program, Lee Chan-hyun, said, “Since there is little information on traveling across the Trans-Siberia train, if we can give viewers the tips we have learned through our experience, it would be more than just a trip.” The core concept of the ‘Trans-Siberian Pathfinders’, which explores and gives tips, has been completed. ”To this end, all the cast members made great efforts to contain live information in the field.

■ All-around performance of best friends from cooking to Russian study

In the Trans-Siberian Pathfinders, the comfortable chemistry of their close friends and the honest appeal of each of the 5 Squadrons will add fun. Lee Chan-hyun PD said, “Lee Sun-kyun, who was in charge of three meals on the train, was loved by his brothers throughout the trip with a menu that was unimaginable on the train. The actor “Kim Nam-gil” who were hard to see in the entertainment heralded a fresh performance.

“Lee Sang-yeop joined a few days later, but showed a passion for studying Russian. Kim Min-shik, who has interpreted with affinity in Russia, help smooth for travel, and Ko Kyu-Pil plays a role as secretary. ”“ A pleasant and realistic journey starts from the first broadcast tonight. ”Added an exciting spoiler.

■ strange but exotic Siberian train landscape

The Trans-Siberian Pathfinders travels through Russia from Vladivostok, to Moscow on a 12-day Trans-Siberian train. Also, in order to show viewers the unique charm of Russia, where European and Asian cultures coexist, we get off the train to travel to Alhorn Island on Baikal, the world’s largest lake, and to have fun watching the small town. Above all, the daily life of the crew members who eat and sleep on the train running without rest and make small memories by becoming friends with the strangers they meet will add unfamiliar but exotic fun.

Meanwhile, the ‘Trans-Siberian Pathfinders’ will be broadcast on tvN at 11 pm Thursday night.

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