TWICE launches ‘M Countdown’ broadcast today… ‘Feel Special’ music broadcast started

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Group TWICE will unveil the new song ‘Feel Special’ for the first time today (26th).

TWICE will start a full-fledged broadcasting activity with a comeback stage of the title song ‘Feel Special’ at Mnet ‘M Countdown’ at 6 pm.

‘Feel Special’ was written and composed by JYP Park Jin-young, and wrote ‘Comfort from a Warm Word’ as a trendy melody. TWICE has been well-known for showing a perfect performance every time, so this year, a lot of attention is coming to the comeback stage.

TWICE, which released the title song with the same name as 8th mini album ‘Feel Special’ on the 23rd, climbed to the top in the domestic music chart and set a big record of ’12 consecutive hits’ and predicted a popular long run.

Domestic and overseas reactions are also hot. Mini 8th album ‘Feel Special’ dominated the iTunes album charts in 26 regions including ‘the home of pop’ in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Russia, Japan and Brazil.

  The title track of the same name also entered the Spotify Global Chart.

Time magazine and Billboard in the US highlighted their comeback, and TWICE ranked third in Billboard Social 50 charts. This is a “ group’s own best record ” that makes us feel more and more popular overseas.

Meanwhile, Nayeon, Jihyo, and Chaeyoung will show off their entertainment performances on tvN ‘Amazing Saturday’ which will be broadcast on the 28th, and Momo and Dahyun will be on KBS2 ‘Hellouk Talk Show’ which will be broadcast on the 30th.

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